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Berthume Software was created with the primary purpose of designing, developing and marketing a powerful, yet easy to use, affordable customer relationship management integrated with project management. cpTracker is the result of this vision.

Most projects are still being tracked using pen and paper, spreadsheet or some other limited project tracking system. Some really smart people even try (unsuccessfully?) to keep all of this information in their head.  Relationships exist between products, projects, project tasks, customers, users, product and service sales, URLs, files, etc.  The best way to track this type of data is via a well designed relational database.

Many projects are delivered late and over budget.  Using a product such as cpTracker will greatly improve the odds that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

We want to hear from you regarding your needs!

If cpTracker does not contain a particular feature that you would find useful or necessary, please use the "Enhancement Request" option on the Help menu.  Your suggestion will be considered for a future version and many times will be immediately implemented in the current beta version just to help you out. If you do not purchase cpTracker for a particular reason, please let us know.  We can't give you what you need unless you tell us what you need!

We are also available to customize cpTracker to perfectly accommodate your needs or assist with any custom software development projects (Clarion and SQL Server). We have over 25 years of software development experience building many systems and completing many projects in a large variety of industries. www.brokersplus.net is the latest system built and is an ongoing ERP project.

Let us know what your needs are and we will provide you with a low cost estimate.

Greg Berthume
CEO & Chief Software Developer



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