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Enterprise (MS SQL Server)
Download and Installation Instructions

There is also a Flash Demo available that shows most of the user interface. It is just over 9 minutes long: Flash Demo

cpTracker requires MicroSoft SQL Server 7, 2000, 2005 or MSDE/Express installed.  If not, please acquire and install first.

MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is free and available to download and install:


You will need the SQL Server name (your server name or your PC name if you are running locally).

If you need to convert data from cpTracker Pro, download www.berthume.com/cptbeta/cptconvert.zip

  • Run setupcpteC6.exe
  • The software is installed to the Programs menu.
  • Do not run the software yet.
  • Create a "cpTracker" DB with a user login that has full rights to it or use the "sa" login if you prefer (running as a single user).  One day, the DB will get created automatically (FM3?).
  • Launch cpTracker Enterprise
  • You will be guided through the remainder of the installation process which consists of the DB connection parameters, default user and creating the tables. DB connection and Table creation are via FileManager3 from CapeSoft.

The connection window has an option for "Auto Logon".  Once checked, the connection will be made automatically.  To turn this window back on, select Tools >> Options (or F11) and click the Turn On SQL Server button.  You can also edit \windows\fm3mss.ini

cpTracker Enterprise will run for 30 days. Need more time? Let us know and we'd be happy to extend your evaluation.

Let us know if you have questions or problems. Email


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