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5 Star Rating!

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 Windows® 9x,  2000/ME/XP or NT
 16 MB RAM
 15 MB Disk Space
 SVGA Monitor or  Better

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cpTracker Lite is a very affordable Task Management System. cpTracker Lite contains the Task Management portion of cpTracker Pro. We realize that not everybody requires all of the features in cpTracker Pro so we wanted to make available an easy to use Task Management System for a very reasonable price. If you have been looking for an economical yet powerful Task Management System, cpTracker Lite is for you. You won't find a better or easier to use task manager at this low of a price! Try it out today! 30 day fully functional trial.


Task Fields (all optional - use what you need):

  • Task Number (auto assigned)
  • Description
  • Long Description
  • Status (lookup, ie: New, Open, Closed, Dependancy)
  • Status Note (reason for Status)
  • Severity (Low, Medium, High, Urgent)
  • Category (lookup, ie: Bug, Enhancement, File Change)
  • Module (lookup, ie: A/R, Payroll, G/L, A/P)
  • Received (date task entered/received)
  • Phase (lookup, ie: Requirements, Analysis, Design)
  • % Complete (0-100 spin)
  • App File name (.app file task associated with)
  • Procedure (app procedure name task associated with, import procs from TXA!)
  • Testing Required (checkbox)
  • Test Form No (cross reference)
  • Tested On (date)
  • Deadline (date)
  • Planned Start (date)
  • Planned End (date)
  • Actual Start (date)
  • Completed (date)
  • Time Required (decimal)
  • Time Req Is (lookup, ie: +/- 25%, guestimate)
  • Time Took (decimal)
  • Cost (decimal)
  • Priority (spin: 1-9)
  • SubPriority (spin 1-999)
  • Notes (4000 bytes of space)
  • Solution (4000 bytes of space)
  • Ten User Definable Fields including 5 string, 3 date and 3 checkboxes
  • Task Log (Task Timer creates log record)
  • Attachments (attach task related files - unlimited)
  • URLs (record all task related URLs)

Task Tools:

  • Sort/Locate Task Browse by Column Header (all task fields)
  • Query Wizard for building custom queries and filters
  • Task Monthly Calendar with Print NEW!
  • Task Report Wizard for building custom reports, uses Search/Query Wizard
  • Task Spreadsheet Wizard for building custom spreadsheets, HTML and exports (Excel)
  • Print Selected Tasks in Detail or Summary Format
  • Email Selected Tasks in Detail or Summary Format


  • Report Previewer allows for saving reports in PDF and optional emailing.
  • Backup/Restore Database.
  • Create multiple databases and select which one to work with.
  • Nine Popup Calendars to choose from. Add pictures to each month.
  • Multi-user accessed supported.
  • Easy to use intuitive XP style interface with lot's of shortcut keys for fast navigation!

cpTracker Lite is compatible with cpTracker Professional . Upgrade to cpTracker Professional for even more features, including:

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Project Management (internal and external customer project tracking)
  • Create Project Templates
  • Task Management (associate tasks to a specific Project, Product and Developer)
  • Product Management (maintain version history)
  • Sales Management. Send targeted emails, calc sales totals, reports, etc.
  • Powerful Bulk Email Features
  • Email List Manager
  • FTP Wizard

Developers: Use cpTracker Lite to track development tasks, bug reports and enhancement requests.

Get cpTracker Lite today and get organized!

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