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cpTracker Enterprise (SQL) Source Sale!

Classic Clarion Addon (released 1996) is now FREE!

powerRUN picks up where RUN() left off!

Check out OddJob from CapeSoft | Check out HyperActive from CapeSoft

  • Use to launch programs hidden, minimized, in a window or maximized, with or without  focus.
  • Run DOS or Window processes in the background, waiting (or not) until termination.
  • Set the Priority in 32bit apps.
  • Load websites and documents using default browser or application via the ShellExecute code template.
  • Pop the client's email window with the email address and subject automatically filled in, CC's listed, BCCs listed, etc. Uses ShellExecute().
  • Play Wave sound files.
  • powerRUN is a better solution than Clarion's RUN() function and eliminates RUN's shortcomings.

powerRUN works in 16 and 32bit, Clarion 2003 and earlier, C4, C5, C5.5, C6.x, C7 ABC/Legacy and is Multi-DLL compliant and DET compatible.

Used by over 2,000 Clarion developers worldwide and on a few other planets.


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