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The point of this recently created website is to showcase my video games for everyone to play and enjoy for free. I am currently developing three video games, and I am not planning on stopping there. Currently I don't have any of these games fully uploaded on this website, but I am looking for other musicians, graphic artists, and programmers to collaborate with to create awesome video games and publish them on my website for people to buy and play.

If you want to work with Berthume Studios to create a video game you came up with, click "Contact Us". If you want to see the games we are planning on releasing, click  "Free Games" or "Downloadable Games". “Game development tools" takes you to the website of the game creation tools I used to create my video games. I am currently using four tools. FPS Creator x10, Darkbasic Pro, RPG maker xp, and Game Maker 7 Pro. Thanks for visiting, tell your friends, and even if you have NO computer skills at ALL, if you collaborate with me and email me, I can help you make your video game ideas come to life. - J.Jay Berthume, CEO of Berthume Animation Studios.



"We, at Berthume studios, are privileged to develop and create dozens of high-tech, fun, immersive, and amazing online PC video games using the proven Darkbasic Pro 3d game development engine.

— J.Jay Berthume, CEO of BAS.